a.- Information on the information society service provider

In compliance with article 10 of Law 34/2002, of 11 July, of Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce (LSSICE) we report that the owners of this website and information society services provider are Encarnación ARIAS CASTELLANO and Piedad CAMACHO PINA, acting under the trade name INTERLINK EUROPE CONSULTING, tax identification numbers 22698062Y and 50845792Z domiciled for notifications at Juan Martorell 1, 9 Valencia CP 46010, Spain and Maiquez 22, B.C., CP28009 Madrid, Spain. For inquiries contact with INTERLINK EUROPE CONSULTING at email, telephone numbers  +34/9639369276, +34/915734641.

 b.- Objective of this legal notice

This legal notice regulates the terms and conditions (hereinafter the general conditions) for access to and use of the website (hereinafter the site or website) owned by INTERLINK EUROPE CONSULTING and the privacy policy and data protection. The expression “site or website”  includes and it is not restricted to, data, images, text, graphics and generally all creations expressed by any means or medium, tangible or intangible covered by property rights and in particular intellectual property.

User status is acquired by accessing the website. INTERLINK EUROPE CONSULTING informs the user that the general conditions are fully accepted by the visitor by the mere fact of accessing to the website and / or viewing of the content published. The same applies for all general conditions which replace other in whole or in part, and these new general conditions must be considered accepted identically as the previous. However, it is the website user s responsibility to access to these general conditions periodically in order to know successive versions that are included here. INTERLINK EUROPE CONSULTING recommends consulting the general conditions in each access.

The user should establish the technical security measures appropriated to avoid unwanted actions on its information system, files and computer equipment when accessing to the Internet and, especially, the website, being aware that Internet is not completely secure.

 c.- Purpose of the website

Through access to the site, the user can enjoy the content and services offered by INTERLINK EUROPE CONSULTING. However, INTERLINK EUROPE CONSULTING informs the user that they may modify unilaterally and without notice, the provision, configuration, content and services on the site, and its use conditions.

 d.- Permitted and Prohibited uses

The user can have free access to the website and view the content available making a correct and lawful use of the site in accordance with the law, morals, good customs and public order.

In no case may the user: (i) Use the content offered through the site contrary to the general conditions of use; (ii) Access or use the contents of the site for illegal, for purpose which might prejudice, harm o violate other-s freedom or rights, or in a way which may prejudice, damage or prevent, access to them, to the detriment of INTERLINK EUROPE CONSULTING or third parties (iii) Use any type of computer virus, code, software, computer program, computer or telecommunications equipment that may cause damage or unauthorized alterations of contents, programs or systems; (iv) Eliminate or modify in any way protective or identification devices of INTERLINK EUROPE CONSULTING or those contained on the website, trademarks, images, logos and distinctive signs; (v) violate intellectual or industrial property rights, as well as disseminating, transmitting or making available to third parties any type of information, element or content that implies a violation of the secrecy of communications and legislation on protection of personal data;(vi) generate or disseminate content of a racist, xenophobic, homophobic, pornographic nature, or which may in any way violate human rights; (vii) carry out acts of unfair competition or unlawful advertising by the transmission, dissemination, storage, placing or disposal, reception, obtaining or access to the contents; (viii) perform acts that violate or transgress the honor, personal or family privacy and image of individuals, property rights and other rights as a result of the transmission, dissemination, storage, provision, reception, obtaining or access to content; (ix) provide false or inaccurate data or perform acts of impersonation; (x) attempt to access the e-mail accounts of other users or restricted areas of computer systems and/or extract information.

e.- Disclaimer and Limitation of Responsibility of INTERLINK EUROPE CONSULTING

INTERLINK EUROPE CONSULTING is exempt from any responsibility for damages of any nature in the following cases: (i) In case of impossibility or difficulty of connecting to the communications network through which is accessible this website, regardless the type of connection used by the user. (ii) For the interruption, suspension or cancellation of access to the website, as well as availability and continuity of the site. (iii) INTERLINK EUROPE CONSULTING assumes no warranty of any kind with respect to the services and content, nor the availability and conditions, technical or otherwise, access to them. Also assumes no liability or guarantee for the contents that are offered through this site by third party service providers, especially with regard to service providers of the information society. (iv) For the presence of viruses or malicious or harmful programs in the content that may alter the computer systems of INTERLINK EUROPE CONSULTING or third parties and if necessary extract information; (v) The content of this website is of a general nature and is for information purposes only. INTERLINK EUROPE CONSULTING assumes no responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, correctness, currency or timeliness, suitability or usefulness for a specific purpose of the content; (vi) The user of the site shall be personally liable for any damages of any kind caused to INTERLINK EUROPE CONSULTING directly or indirectly, for the breach of any of the obligations arising from these General Conditions or other rules governing the use of the site; (vii) the contents of this website do not constitute the provision of a legal advice service, which must be adapted to each particular case.

Any breach of the clauses contained in this legal notice and current legislation will be communicated to the relevant authorities. 

f.- Intellectual and Industrial Property rights

The entire content of this website, including its structure and design, selection and form of presentation computing programs necessary for its operation, texts, images, files, Trademarks, logos and any other elements are protected by Industrial and Intellectual Property rights, owned by INTERLINK EUROPE CONSULTING or its licensors.

INTERLINK EUROPE CONSULTING and its logo are Registered Trademarks and therefore cannot be used without express consent.

By virtue of what established in articles 8 and 32.1, second paragraph, of the Royal Legislative Decree 1/1996 of April 12, 1996, approving the revised text Spanish Intellectual Property law, the reproduction, distribution and public communication, including making available to the public of the whole or part of the contents included in this website for commercial purposes, through any kind of carrier or technical mean is expressly forbidden, unless authorized by.

The users may view the contents, print them and store them on physical medium, or in the cloud, for solely and exclusively personal and private purposes, always maintaining its integrity.

g.- Hyperlinks

The use of hyperlinks to the website shall only be authorized by INTERLINK EUROPE CONSULTING by means of a written authorization and provided that the terms set out in the authorization itself are respected.

The use of links, hyperlinks to this website is only permitted under the following conditions: i) the link may not reproduce INTERLINK EUROPE CONSULTING’s content or parts of it in any form; ii) it is not permitted to create a browser or border environment on the sections of INTERLINK EUROPE CONSULTING, nor may the sections of the site be modified in any other way; iii) It is not permitted to make false or inaccurate or incorrect statements or indications about INTERLINK EUROPE CONSULTING and/or, in particular, to state or imply that the provider has authorized the link or has in any way supervised or assumed the content or services offered or made available on the site where the link is established; iv) the web page in which the link is established shall not contain information or content that is illicit, contrary to generally accepted morality and good customs and public order, nor shall it contain content that is contrary to any rights of third parties, including intellectual and industrial property rights and/or the right to honour, personal or family privacy or one’s own image or any other right, or content that is contrary to the regulations governing the protection of personal data.

In no case, INTERLINK EUROPE CONSULTING authorizes the establishment of a link to this site from those sites that contain material, information or content that is illicit, illegal, degrading, discriminatory by any criteria, obscene and, in general, that contravenes laws, morals or public order, or generally accepted social norms.

In any case, INTERLINK EUROPE CONSULTING has no power or human or technical means to know, control or approve all the information, content, products or services provided by other websites or applications that have established links to this website. Consequently, INTERLINK EUROPE CONSULTING assumes no liability whatsoever for any aspect of a third party website that links to the INTERLINK EUROPE CONSULTING site, in particular, but not limited to, INTERLINK EUROPE CONSULTING’s disclaimer covers the operation, access, data, information, files, quality and reliability of its products and services, its own links and/or any of its content, in general.

h.- Privacy and data protection policy

INTERLINK EUROPE CONSULTING will treat personal data according to the Law  3/2018, of December 5, of Personal Data Protection and Digital Rights and the European Union Regulation (UE) 2016/679  Abril 27, 2016.

The responsible for the data processing are Encarnación ARIAS CASTELLANO, NIF: 22698062Y  and Piedad CAMACHO PINA  NIF: 50845792Z acting under the tradename INTERLINK EUROPE CONSULTING, domiciled for notifications at Juan Martorell  1. 9   Valencia C.P. 46010 (Spain) and Maiquez 22 B.C, C.P.28009 Madrid (Spain). Users can contact to exercise the rights of access, rectification, opposition, deletion or limitation of data in the above addresses,, or telephone numbers +34/9639369276 y +34/915734641.

The purpose of the processing of data is to provide the requested professional advice, answer questions, send information or manage possible selection processes, and to comply with legal obligations. The data will be preserved during the time necessary for the performance of a contract to which the data subject is party or in order to take steps as the request of the data subject prior to entering into a contract.

These data may be communicated by INTERLINK EUROPE CONSULTING to third parties in order to fulfill its obligations to the Public Administration in cases where this is required in accordance with the legislation in force at any given time and, where appropriate, to other bodies such as data protection, telecommunications and information society control authorities, judges, the Public Prosecutor’s Office, courts, the Court of Auditors or the Ombudsman.

INTERLINK EUROPE CONSULTING warns the user that this entity has no responsibility whatsoever for the processing and use of the user’s personal data by third party providers of information society services who may have access to your data by reason of the provision of their services or the exercise of their activity.

Third party providers of information society services are understood to be – without limitation – those natural or legal persons who provide the following services: (i) Transmission over a communication network of data provided by the recipients of the service (ii) Access services to the aforementioned network. (iii) Data storage or hosting services. (iv) Provision of content or information.

INTERLINK EUROPE CONSULTING is also not responsible for the processing of data by third parties who establish hyperlinks to the INTERLINK EUROPE CONSULTING website.

i.- Content of this legal notice

These General Terms and Conditions contain all the conditions agreed upon by INTERLINK EUROPE CONSULTING in relation to the subject matter of these Terms and Conditions and any statements, undertakings or promises, whether verbal, written or implied, prior to these Terms and Conditions in relation to the subject matter of these Terms and Conditions shall be deemed not to exist.

The fact that INTERLINK EUROPE CONSULTING does not require at any given time that any of the conditions set out in these general terms and conditions or, where applicable, particular conditions governing the use of a particular service and/or content intended for users of the website, cannot be interpreted by the other party as a waiver of any subsequent requirement to comply with them.

In the event that any clause of these general conditions is null and void, in whole or in part, such nullity or voidability shall not affect the validity of other clauses thereof, which shall remain fully effective and valid, unless the party alleging their nullity or voidability proves that without the clause that is null and void or voidable the purposes of these conditions cannot be fulfilled.

j.- Cookies

This site does not use cookies.

k.- Legislation and jurisdiction

These general conditions are governed by Spanish law. The parties, expressly waiving their own jurisdiction, submit to the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Valencia, Spain, for the resolution of any disputes that may arise.