We are aware of the difficulties that both companies and FOREIGNERS go through when they decide to invest or establish themselves in our country, either with the purchase of a house where they can spend seasons or with the purchase or rent of a warehouse or business premises where they can locate their new project.

Our firm has great experience in helping and advising foreign residents and non residents as well as companies to settle in our country in the fastest and most convenient way for them and their families if needed.

We offer our help and relocation services to foreigners in all phases of the settling process, his departure from the country or, if necessary, his family reunification, to house hunting or the sale, rent or purchase of a home or business premises to establish one activity but always keeping in mind law and tax implications.

If the move also includes other relatives or workers, we are equally involved with you and we offer our welcome and orientation and relocation services for the search and registration of your companions in language courses, schools, universities, training courses, masters or helping with property reforms and furniture of the house which is going to become your home in Spain.

We also help all those foreigners who own a property in Spain to plan their succession and we accompany and advise their heirs throughout the whole inheritance process from legal and a tax point of view.

Our only aim is to make our clients’ stay in our country as pleasant and beneficial as possible for them and all their relatives, colleagues and family.

the SPANISH HACIENDA considers a foreign individual to be a TAX RESIDENT in Spain if:

  • He stays more than 183 days a year in the country, even if the stays are discontinuous
  • He has economic interests in this country, that is, he provides professional services in Spain, either on his own account or on behalf of others
  • Your spouse and/or children live in Spain?

If a NON-RESIDENT has assets in SPAIN that generate an income (renting them, for example), he must contribute to the Spanish Treasury, to whom he must generally pay 24% of the income.

even if you spend less than 183 days in Spain and you DO NOT RENT out your only property in Spain, you are still obliged to comply with certain tax obligations to the Spanish Treasury, such as paying NON-RESIDENT’S TAX?


LEGAL advice in:

The purchase, sale or rental of real estate, drafting of documentation.

Management and maintenance of real estate assets.

Eviction procedures.

Contracting and cancellation of mortgage loans: banking clauses.

Incorporation of companies, drafting of statutes, licenses and permits for business opening.

Obtainning residence permits, work permits or nationality, family reunification (and, if necessary, appeals).

Legal advice in the drafting of wills, succession without a will, claims for legal status, acceptance or waiver of inheritance, rights of the spouse (widow’s pension, usufruct…), location of inherited real estate.

Legal advice on divorce, separation, child custody and international law family procedures.

Debt collection and asset seizure in Spain regarding international or foreign creditors/debtors (including orders to freeze European bank accounts)

TAX advice in:

The purchase, sale and rental of real estate.

Advice and planning of wills and inheritances.

Tax returns and settlements (personal and corporate income tax return; inheritance and gift tax; VAT; wealth tax; non-resident tax filings).


Search for houses, land, warehouses or business premises to settle for installation in Spain and/or opening of activity.

Importing and processing of permits for vehicles and pets.

Search, selection and enrolment in courses, schools, nurseries, universities…

Hiring of qualified professionals for the repair, maintenance and execution of works in the properties located in Spain.

Providing homework supervision in the absence of the owners.