What is a domain name?

An Internet domain name is a name that is associated with a physical Internet IP address.IP stands for “Internet Protocol”, which assigns a unique and unrepeatable address to each device that communicates with the Internet: a router, a server, a telephone, a computer, a television, etc. These addresses are numerical, e.g.

For this reason, and because they are easier and more attractive to remember, domain names are used in the digital world to replace a numeric IP address to identify a location on the Internet.

INTERLINK EUROPE CONSULTING offers advice and registration services for those domain names that your activity on the Internet requires, as well as for the registration of the associated trademarks that you wish to use in the market in order to identify your company,your goods or your services.

Note that while a trademark can be registered by different owners in different business sectors, the same principle does not apply for Internet domain names, where it only exists one by termination for all commercial areas. Hence the importance of obtaining the right domain name from the moment you decide you want your company or business to have an Internet presence.

Any person or entity can purchase a domain name under one of the multiple existing endings (.com, .es, .net, .info, etc…) and it is important that behind a commercial activity on the Internet there are adequate Trademark registrations that legitimize the protection of your domain name.

Today there are more than 1500 new domain extensions that offer alternatives to the classic .COM and among them there is sure to be some termination that fits more to the image you want to show for your brand on the Internet?


  1. TOP LEVEL DOMAINS or also called GENERIC or Top Level Domain Name (TLD) that are not related to any country or region and are used by companies and organizations anywhere in the world. There are seven although only three of them can be acquired by any person or entity without any accreditation: .com, .net and .org. The rest are reserved for specific organizations such as universities, governments or military institutions.
    1. com = Commercial site.
    2. net = Internet service company.
    3. org = Non-profit organization.
    4. info = Informative site.
    5. biz = Business site.
  2. TERRITORIAL DOMAINS also called Country Code Top-Level Domains (ccTLDs) are linked to a specific country. Each country has its own extension so that each country establishes rules for its acquisition (such as being national or having a permanent establishment). In the case of Spain, we have the extension .es, and for example Germany is .de, Argentina .ar, France .fr , etc
Currently the .TV domain (Tuvalu) is used for sites related to television, channels, programming, video transmission and related servicesand the .WS domain (Western Samoa) is used as the meaning of WEB SITE?
  1. THIRD LEVEL DOMAIN NAMES emerged a few years ago in view of the growing need for domain names and today, some compete with top-level domains while others represent regions within countries.

    The list of extensions keeps growing year after year so it is impossible to list them all although we will mention some of them below:

     .info, .web, .pro, .tel, .love, biz, .jobs, .mobi, .xxx, .gay, .golf, .gratis, .green, .shop, .tienda, .hotel, .arte, .app, .bar, .moda, .art, .futbol, .sex, .abogado, .casino, .christmas, .cool, .fund, .clinique, .clinic, .clothing, .film, .finance, .fitness, .family, .estate, . doctor,  .dot, .boat, .book, .booking, .boutique, .dental, .dentist, .design, .diet, .digital, .direct, .garden, .gay, .global, .globo, .guitars, .hospital, .host, .house, .hot, .institute, .insurance, .international, .iq, .investments, .jobs, .juegos, …

Some domain names may be registered in an “abusive” manner to take advantage of successful websites or in order to harm the interests of other website owners. The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) has established an on-line arbitration system for the resolution of these disputes and “abusive domain name registrations”, which aims to overcome the difficulties and inconveniences of the judicial process.

This arbitration system for conflict resolution is independent of the nationality and residence of the parties involved and consists of a quick and fairly simple procedure whose resolution is executed directly by the domain name registration entities. Our firm has extensive experience in this type of procedure and we put this knowledge at your disposal in order to stop any abuse from the use of domain names. At present, there are several entities providing dispute resolution services depending on the type of allegedly abusive domain. In general, in most of these arbitration proceedings, the plaintiff must choose between two possible solutions: either to have the disputed domain name transferred to him or to have it cancelled.


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